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GCA is a leading financial advisory firm.

We assist our clients to identify and achieve their strategic and financial objectives by leveraging our global network and deep knowledge of the european market.  


We have considerable experience of working with european companies having substantial international footprint and we have long standing relationships with major financial institutions.

We work closely with a broad customer base that includes corporations, small and medium sized corporates and financial institutions.

Our approach is characterised by 6 key features
Team-based approach

The team unit lies at the core of everything we do. Our model is one of full integration in which all market and investor information is shared across the business. As a result, we have been able to foster a strong sense of team spirit that ensures everyone is incentivized to make a sale happen.

Strategic approach

Each marketing process is carefully planned and orchestrated. A great deal of thought is given to the prioritization of investors, the phasing of dialogues and the management of negotiations. Our ultimate aim is to make each process as successful and efficient as possible.

Relationship based

GCA's professionals have deep relationships with many of the world's leading investing institutions. This wealth of knowledge and experience helps us guide our clients in understanding investors' appetite and concerns, and in positioning funds appropriately. More importantly still, the trust and regard that Threadmark commands with investors means that the products it markets are treated with credibility and respect.

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Specialist knowledge

We believe that a detailed understanding of the fund and the market in which it operates greatly enhances a sale process. Specialist knowledge enables the sales person to articulate the offering in a compelling manner, position it effectively to address an investor's sensitivities and answer detailed questions directly. We therefore organize our people and our activities around our clients rather than around investor groupings or functions.

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Cross-selling across asset classes

We believe there is a strategic advantage to being able to tap into a broad variety of capital sources. Consequently, we have adopted a fully integrated approach across asset classes. Knowledge is transferred readily across the team through a sophisticated, bespoke IT platform, regular whole business interaction and the rotation of team members between areas of focus.

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Limited number of assignments

Global Capital Advisory believes that its approach requires a greater focus and dedication of resources than might otherwise be the case. As a result, we limit the number of assignments we take on to ensure that we deliver or beat our clients' objectives.

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